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Weird problem with Sbrick plus

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    November 24, 2017 11:37 AM CET

    Dear Mateusz,


    It seems you have a HW problem. Please send us your paypal recepit to and we sending you a replacement.

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    November 24, 2017 10:36 AM CET

    Only spam, no answer, no support. Sad for this price. At this moment Sbrick plus is broken, servo will not work propetly. Don't buy it, i do not recommend

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    November 18, 2017 1:13 AM CET

    Hello again

    the update to 20 v do not solve my problems

    it's little bit like wiggling problem people have in other topic, but it's apear only when u power other channels too. When i use servo solo it;s seems to be fine.

    My mistake, it's problem with servo, channel witch is connected is no metter

    Another question, after your Beta new plugin for windows 10 and update firmware to 20 i had a problems with connecting. On android ap fine, on scrach i cannot connect to my sbrick (both normal sbrick, and a plus one) propetly, they are dissconnecting ater some sec, and connectiing again, and again dissconnecting. I cannot udate the plugin, meaby there is a new one'?

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    November 12, 2017 12:51 AM CET


    Hi everybody

    I had weird problem and my english is not so good so I must give u a example:

    I have servo connected to my A port (car sterring) and L motor connected to B port (car acceleration )

    When i'm powering A port at max level (turning full right) servo makes 90 deagreas turn. But then, when I poweting B port little (accelerate about half) my servo attached to A port turns back to about 60 deagreas. Same for turning left.

    It means that powering B port have a influence on ma A port. I tested other port only that 2 got a problem. I dont know how long that problem exist because if you power A and B at full or power A and B separatly, what is having place most common in my use (car), everything is ok.

    What it can be? What should I do? I had now firmware 19 since your new pc beta, but the problem is older. It can be firmware problem? Or hardware :(?

    I know it's problem with my Sbrickplus becouse on my first normal Sbrick it's working ok on same app/program

    Btw I love your porduct, it brings my lego fan for new level, thanks for working on it. I'm fan o scratch and PC connection so looking on your beta, keep doing this there are some people waiting and supporting :)

    Sorry for my english, waiting for your response


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