Jamie Wood's Album: Crane MK1

This is my latest attempt to create the largest functioning crane that I could. Parts of it were originally based on the Technic crane model #42009 and then heavily modified. I started by building the longest jib arm I could and then build the rest of the model around that to fit. Due to the shear size of the arm, it requires 8 phneumatic pistons to lift it , with a 1Kg weight hidden in the rear to counterbalance it. The whole thing is supported on a (marble) ball bearing base, using the hoop wheels from model #4481. Fitting all the drive motors into the base required increasing it from 9 to 10 axels long, whils the steering & support leg motors had to be duplicated in the front and rear, as it's long enough that the torsion would twist any prop-shafts out of alignment with each other. Required items: Crane- 2 Large motors, 3 M motors, 1 battery box, 8 phneumatic pistons, 4 pumps, pressure gauge, 2 #4481 wheels, 3 dozen(ish) marbles & 1Kg kitchen scale weight. Crane weight- 2.4Kg (including weight) Arm extention length- 110cm Chassis- 6 XL motors, 2 steering motors, 4 M motors, 2 battery boxes, 8 small linear actuators & 22 (13 pin length) steering racks. Total crane weight: 8.4Kg (including counterweight)

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