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  • Hi,
    Apologies if these ideas have been raised before.
    Is it poss...  more
  • Greetings fellow SBrickers.
    I've got a stupid question to ask, t...  more
  • Tamas
    I have tried the developer version on my Sbrick+. Didn't f...  more
  • Hi LEGO & SBrick lovers! :)
    I...  more
  • I've downloaded the local form, same thing. Utilizing MacS2Bot, ...  more

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  • P  G
    P G Hi, I've just received my Sbrick Plus and joined the community. A need help on how to insert the PCB safely into replacement cover - I don't want to break it. any tutorial or tips how to do it?
    • Thu at 10:33 AM
    • P  G
      Balint Mezei Dear PG,

      Here is a video, where the creator changed the case.
      ...  more
      • Thu at 7:57 PM
  • Henrik  Pa
    Henrik Pa I have a selfmade controlling profil with 8 buttons.

    For example:
    Button A has Port A and C forward + Port B and D backward. But now I can't make Button B with Port A and C backward + Port B and D forward....  more
    • Wed at 3:49 PM
  • avery kerr
    avery kerrNEWZEALAND sbrick discussion: Hi there :D
    • Wed at 9:12 AM
  • Carson  Russell
    Carson Russell hello
    • Tue at 11:44 PM
  • Balint Mezei
    Balint MezeiNetherlands - SBrick Group.: Hello everyone! 

    Let me introduce the new group admin. 

    ...  more
    • July 14
  • Tamas Misik
    Tamas Misik Awesome model from Egor :) 
    RC LEGO Toyota Trueno AE86 Initial D with Sbrick. Madoka inside:)
    Mini LEGO Technic version of Epic TOYOTA Sprinter Trueno AE86 "Ïnitial D". Driven by L motor, and Servo motor for steering. Added LEDs.Control with Sbrick with custom profile. Instruction can be available depending on popularity of this video:) Инте...
  • Gabor Guta
    Gabor GutaBarak Harel: Hi Barak, I have answered all the question directly on the forum (at least I hope so). I apologies that your request have been lost during our internal communication. Next time, please write me directly if you does not get answer in a reasonable time. 
    • July 12
  • Егор  Кучаров
    Егор Кучаров привет!
    • July 2
  • florian Kaiser
    florian Kaiser this is my new Lego car that drives 12 km/h 
  • Balázs Striker
    Balázs StrikerMagyar SBrick használók: Helló!
    Tervez valaki mostanában a Kockaáruházban (esetleg nagyobb címletben) vásárolni kiszállítással, Budapesten?
    Mo-n ennek a boltnak a legjobb, és legolcsóbb a Pick-a-Brickje, de mióta nincs Pesten boltjuk, a kiszállítási díj sokat számít alkatrészek ...  more
    • June 29
  • Johan vd Pluijm
    Johan vd Pluijm created a new event:
    • June 26
    • Balint Mezei likes this.
    • Johan vd Pluijm
      Johan vd Pluijm ENGLISH:

      Sunday the 2nd of July, Brickshop will host a LEGO event in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.
      There will be LEGO Ninjago, a LEGO Nexo Knights roadshow and two places where kids can build with LEGO....  more
      • June 26
  • Henrik  Pa
    Henrik Pa Hi
    I would like to buy a sbrick. But before I have a question:

    Is it possible to use the joystick button in one direction and control all 4 motors?
    • June 26
    • Henrik  Pa
      Balint Mezei Hello Henrik,

      Thank you for the question.
      ...  more
      • June 27
  • Alexander Maier
    Alexander MaierSBrick Admin: just wanted to test this base of a car
    • June 24
  • Alexander Maier
    Alexander MaierSBrick Admin: hello, am i stupid?
    i design controllers on my pc (bigger screen than smartphone) and save them but dont get them into the sbrick app on my smartphone. nothing showing up there
    i have a samsung galaxy s7 with android 7.0 and sbrick v4.2 update 3
    • June 24
    • Alexander Maier
      Balint Mezei Dear Alexander,

      Please check which screen ratio did you set for the profiles you have created in the profile designer.
      ...  more
      • June 26
  • Jaap Borggreve
    Jaap BorggreveNetherlands - SBrick Group.: Nog even aan het ombouwen geweest! 42043 B met verlichting rondom, aangedreven met een XL motor, sturen met een servo, werkende zwaailichten, trailer voorzien van 4 L motoren (elke functie 1) 2 cilinder compressor, luchttank en beide delen voorzien van ee...  more
    • June 24
  • David Meyer
    David Meyer I know that it's possible to connect the SBrick with a PS4 Controller, but is it also possible to connect it with a USB Steering Wheel (via PC)? That would be awesome :D
    • June 18
    • David Meyer
      Balint Mezei Dear David,

      I asked our developers about that if it is possible.
      ...  more
      • June 20
  • Amos  Smith
    Amos SmithSamuel Spurgeon: thanks Sam
    • June 2
  • Amos  Smith
    Amos SmithLego Technic C Modellen: I've seen that one, any other good ones that are in english
    • June 2
  • Michał  Skorupka
    Michał Skorupka posted a new video:
    John Deere 9560R + Vaderstad RDA 800C in LEGO version by eric trax
    My new MOC. John Deere 9560R in 1:18 scale. Only original LEGO parts. Include two SBricks and over 3000 bricks. Enjoy!
  • Troy Johnston
    Troy Johnston   Here is something I have been working on now for a long time.  I hope to make some mechanical improvements in the near future, as well as add a body.  You can check out my channel here: more
    Bugatti Veyron Update #1
    I have been working on this project for some time now, but it still has many issues. In the next update I will hope to have a partial blue and black body, revised suspension, a small cylinder W16, and I will also try to fix third gear in the transmission...
  • Amos  Smith
    Amos SmithLego Technic C Modellen: hey jasper it's amos, thanks and could u friend me, I don't know how
    • June 2
    • Amos  Smith
      Lego Technic C Modellen  Hello, this moment I am in Holliday. I will make you a friend as soon as I have a computer to use. But maybe you can watch some videos on my YouTube channel: Lego Technic C Modellen. I have some independent axles on my channel. You can also send me some ...  more
      • June 2
  • Tamas Misik
    Tamas Misik New android app test version:
    (gamepad support added!) 

    Please try it and share with us your experiences. 
    • June 2
  • Amos  Smith
    Amos Smith Hey guys how can I get front steering and suspension without having a live axle 
    • June 1
  • Nikolaus Rüther
    Nikolaus Rüther HALLO .... Ich benutze meine sbrick mit einem Xbox one s Controller !!!  Nun habe ich das Problem mit meinen Lichtern die einfach nicht an bleiben wollen. Sobald ich die Button loslasse gehen die Lichter am Modell aus. Die Lichter sind auf den Button A B ...  more
    • May 25
    • Nikolaus Rüther
      Balint Mezei Dear Nikolaus,

      Thank you for the message. I have forwarded the message to the competent person. We will get back to you soon!
      ...  more
      • May 26
  • amadiel vargas
    amadiel vargasLénárd Pásztor: hi. you can helpme i am building your CHILI CRAWLER but is my first time whith sbrick. i not cant do the control in profile designer. You can sendme your confor for my phone?. thanks.  Nice work in chilli crawler
    • May 21
  • Gabriel  Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel created a new group:
    • May 21
  • Gabriel  Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel Hi, i'm a lego enthusiast, especially interested in official and custom builds, mostly Lego Technic, as i'm a lover of complex truck builds, like the recent MOC-5287 custom i've just build, now is the time to get the app working on this one.
    • May 21
    • Gabriel  Gabriel
      Balint Mezei Hello Gabriel!

      It sounds great, welcome here!
      ...  more
      • May 22
  • Paolo DGZ
    Paolo DGZBalint Mezei: hi balint! i'm one of the winners of the tc11 contest on eurobricks, may i ask if thee is some sort of etimated time for the prizes to arrive or some tracking code? (i can contest you from my eurobricks account if you think it is better) because we gave i...  more
    • May 18
    • Paolo DGZ
      Balint Mezei Hello Paolo,

      The prizes will be shipped on the next week exprectedly! :)
      ...  more
      • May 19