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  • A Microsoft product offers various software that can be used on...  more
  • Hi Emi Grago.
    Can you tell me about the JoyToKey configuration...  more
  • @imurvai:
    I noticed you developed a new app which can control...  more
  • Support for two Joysticks would be great. Imagine two Trains...  more
  • Hi Zsolt,
    Thanks for looking at this issue.
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  • Tamas Misik
    Tamas Misik The Cossack is an off-highway bed truck, designed for heavy transportation in very hard environment. Learn more about this project at: https://superk-technic.com/2017/12/10/cossack/
    Option Industries COSSACK - 6x6 oilfield Truck MOC LEGO Technic with SBrick
    More information at: https://superk-technic.com/cossack MOC of the Cossack Built by Option Industries for ATK. 4 Lego technic Power functions motor controlle...
    • Wed at 10:41 AM
  • Tamas Misik
    Tamas Misik This MOC just looks so awesome! Powered by two SBrick, controlled by PS4 Gamepad. Learn more at: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/160829-moc-challenger-mt865c-kinze-1050/
    Challenger MT865C + Kinze 1050 in lego version by Eric Trax
    My new MOC. Challenger MT 865C & Kinze 1050 in 1:17 scale. Only original LEGO parts. Include two SBricks and over 5000 bricks. Enjoy! Gallery: https://www.fl...
    • May 17
  • Lothar Weigl
    Lothar WeiglDirk Tümmler: Nun, dann viel Spaß! Bei mir sind die Fortschritte leider immer nur sehr zäh erreichbar.
    • May 12
  • Lothar Weigl
    Lothar WeiglDirk Tümmler: Willkommen Dirk! Welche Hardware verwendest du?
    • May 11
    • Lothar Weigl
      Dirk Tümmler Smartbook S9Q9
      inzwischen geht es aber mit meine iPhone Se
      • May 12
  • Tobias  Pätz
    Tobias PätzGroup for German users: Hallo, ich habe die sbrick (Hard 5, Firm23) in einen tracked Racer eingebaut aber der offizielle Controller 420655 V1.3 lässt den TRacer nur vor- bzw. rückwärts fahren, rechts links geht nicht.
    Bitte um Hilfe.
    • May 11
  • Dirk  Tümmler
    Dirk TümmlerGermany/Deutschland: Hallo,
    hab ein Problem.
    Der SBrick Plus taucht bei Bluetooth nicht auf .
    • May 3
  • Mark Chignell
    Mark Chignell Not in App Store for New Zealand.
    • May 2
  • Beňuš Peter
    Beňuš Peter No app in appstore for iOS
    • May 2
  • Mark Chignell
    Mark Chignell How do I find the app on iOS?
    • May 2
  • Jens  Ure
    Jens Ure Hello
    • May 1
  • Alexander Müller-Knappe
    Alexander Müller-Knappe Hallo ich habe ein Problem ich versuche im Apple AppStore die SBrick App herunter zu laden und bekommen immer die Meldung die App sei nicht mehr verfügbar! Kann mir jemand helfen?
    • Apr 29
  • Giovanni Fuochi
    Giovanni Fuochi Hallo!
    • Apr 25
  • dokludi 80
    dokludi 80 My latest building was completed. Sbrick takes control.

    Lada ZIS-2345 SPAZM
    Lada VIS 2345 SPAZM - Lego Version by dokludi
    My new build was modeled on an existing car in the video below. I hope you get your liking. https://youtu.be/BeFDZyxTfSU Properties: - open doors, detachable...
    • Apr 22
  • Tony  Versaci
    Tony Versaci Hi Everyone I'm new to this I have been trying to set up my 8043 excavator to s brick but having a lot of trouble making the functions work can anyone help me please
    • Apr 19
  • Matej Grajcár
    Matej GrajcárSBRICK CS fan: evidentne sme všetci zaneprázdnení stavaním nových a nových modelov :-) alebo skôr nevieme čo skôr. skúsme to trocha oživiť čo máte nového s čím sa trápite a podobne. ja som sa posledne venoval trocha nie s-brick modelom. ale podarilo...  more
    • Apr 18
  • Gerald Beykirch
    Gerald BeykirchHermann Plaisier: Hi Stefan, hatte das gleiche Problem. Habe mich auf dem Handy von sbrick ausgeloggt und wieder neu eingeloggt. Dann hat der Download von der Designerplattform automatisch funktioniert.
    • Apr 13
  • Tamas Misik
    Tamas Misik Really nice build from Superk Technic!
    Have you ever build something by inspired from an another Lego family?
    The Crusher XL - MOC LEGO technic with SBrick inspired by City Set 60188
    More about this MOC at https://superk-technic.com/crusherXL This MOC is inspired from the Crusher from Lego City Set 60188.
    • Apr 6
  • Amos  Smith
    Amos SmithLego Technic C Modellen: sorry I have not been on lately. I have had school work. I think that I have something for the front axle. It is, All About Lego's, compact drive and rear axle. Here's the link: ...  more
    • Apr 4
  • Günther Gibbert
    Günther GibbertGermany/Deutschland: Hallo,
    nachdem ich mit Arduino Nano einiges getestet habe, bin ich nun
    bei sbrick gelandet. Fragen habe ich noch keine zum sbrick, der Baustein macht was
    er soll. Baue zur Zeit am Antrieb für den Arcos mit dem...  more
    • Apr 3
  • Dave  Dockray
    Dave Dockray How do I create a toggle button (eg headlights ON- one press, OFF - second press) in Profile Designer.
    • Mar 31
  • Dave  Dockray
    Dave DockraySean Kelly: How do create a toggle button (eg headlights ON- one press, OFF - second press) in Profile Designer.
    • Mar 31
  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertU.S.A Sbrick Fans: Hello SBrick fans,

    We are regional retailers in the US. We introduced great prices via our various channels:
    Our webstore is open 24/7. You can find unique upgrades, SBrick bundles, color shells, STEM kits and more. Please visit...  more
    • Mar 31
  • Peter Subert
    Peter Subert posted a new video:
    Autonomous robot with SBrick Plus
    Brickpower's Robotics Miniseries Part 1: Simple robot built with SBrick and programmed in Scratch. Build yours and share your video! Stay tuned for more and ...
    • Mar 31
  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertNick Warr: Hello Nick, did you get your Sbrick, yet? We are happy to help you: we are regional resellers in the US and we ship international. Please visit our website at: www.brickpowerllc.com. Or, check out our amazon PRIME purchasing option. Thanks, Peter
    • Mar 31
  • Manuel  Georgi
    Manuel GeorgiGroup for German users: Hey hallo, bin neu in der Sbrick Szene weil ich wie ihr sicher alle an der IR Technik verzweifle und genervt bin. Aktuell baue ich an einem 3-Achser 6x4 mit angetriebener, gelenkter Liftachse. Ich kopiere keine namentlich benannten Baukompositionen wie...  more
    • Mar 25
  • Shaojun Wu
    Shaojun WuOoi HB: 有问题
    • Mar 22
  • Toddy52
    Toddy52 shared SBrick Admin's group.
    Group for German users
    • Mar 21
  • Alex  Saiz
    Alex SaizRoland Painter: Hello Roland. I would be interested in those photos. Thanks
    • Mar 20
  • Dennis Bosman
    Dennis Bosman posted a new video:
    Scania T143 bulk hauler
    Scania T143 bulk hauler at LEGO World 2017
    • Mar 16
  • Dennis Bosman
    Dennis Bosman added 6 photo(s) to the album Scania T143 bulk hauler:
    • Mar 16