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  • Sat at 2:31 AM
    Go to backgrounds. Here you click on the actual image (Windows).
  • Thu at 9:20 AM
    How can I Delete the uploaded images in Profile Designer?
  • If you have the correct andoid version Scratch is probably...  more
  • Thanx for the reply Lothar.
    Only one question, you say that I...  more
  • Have new Sbrick plus, ios app says update firmware but pressing...  more
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  • Artur  Konicz
    Artur Konicz has added a new cover photo.
    • Wed at 9:47 PM
  • Yoshi Lego
    Yoshi Lego Lol
    • Jun 2
  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertU.S.A Sbrick Fans: We appreciate the business of our customers: the following maps represent customers from ALL US states, we THANK YOU! We hope you have much fun with your SBricks!

    ...  more
    • Jun 1
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  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertSBRICK在中国(in China): Hello guys,
    May someone would like to upgrade their sets, here we offer some cool options in our webstore, with worldwide shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions, you may have:

    ...  more
    • Jun 1
  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertAmos Smith: Hello Amos,

    I have not been here lately. If you wanted to build a drift car, I would see 2 options:
    1. Either you build something really light and use the m-motors for direct drive (preferably on the rear axes). I would find a few videos on youtube with...  more
    • Jun 1
  • Marek J.
    Marek J. has added a new cover photo.
    • May 28
  • Lothar Weigl
    Lothar WeiglGermany/Deutschland: Interessante Sammlung von Originalbauanleitungen.
    • May 13
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  • Wim  Bilink
    Wim Bilink
    • May 12
  • Lothar Weigl
    Lothar WeiglSilverGame: Einfach die Anleitungen von Google oder von BabelFish übersetzen lassen, ist zumindest ein Einstieg in die Materie, welche leider nur öberflächlich erklärt wird. UND: Dranbleiben, die Programmfunktionen kosten mich eine Menge Nervenkraft, dich vielleicht auch?
    • May 12
  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertU.S.A Sbrick Fans: Hello All in the greater Washington, Dc metro area,
    Anyone combining a visit to play with SBrick-based creative kits, while tasting gourmet Hungarian food and wine?
    We will be there to meet you at our booth in the corner of innovation!
    See us at the...  more
    • May 11
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  • Peter Subert
    Peter SubertEU Open House Washington, DC: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sbrickusa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2440032966020798
    • May 11
  • Peter Subert
    Peter Subert created a new event:
    EU Open House Washington, DC
    • May 11
  • Bonnie  Mohnsen
    Bonnie Mohnsen I just received a sbrick plus. I got it turned on but it does not show up in either my iPhone 6 or iPad mini 5 Bluetooth. Any idea why? I have the app downloaded
    • May 10
  • Dylan  Spin
    Dylan Spin yeah i have the same my engine's have been bugged for a while also hope they fix it kinda anoying.
    • May 7
  • Sliders
    Sliders What's up with the iOS app?? for more than a week it has not worked properly with sbrick.
    I even bought a second sbrick and the same problem,
    Is this company alive? because I also wrote to support and silence!
    • May 7
    • - edited
  • William Love
    William Love Lowrider
    • May 2
  • Hypershadow 1
    Hypershadow 1 shared Hypershadow 1's forum. hi, my name is hypershadow1, I run a youtube channel called 'Jays Lego Technic works', I've had some problems with my sbricks lately. I don't know if either the app is responsible or the app itself. when I control the motors the speed of the varies or...  more
    • May 1
    • Hypershadow 1
      Lénárd Pásztor Hi, this is a known bug in the new iOS release, we are working on the fix. We will push the new app in this week to the App store
      • May 6
  • Hypershadow 1
    Hypershadow 1 has added a new cover photo.
    • May 1
  • Connor  Heath
    Connor Heath Making some cool SBrick robots for bot fights
    • Apr 26
  • W  Jordan
    W Jordan has added a new cover photo.
    • Apr 18
  • Alexander Dienst
    Alexander DienstGroup for German users: Und ich nochmal, habe viel versucht, diesesmal bekomme ich das nicht ohne eure Hilfe hin.
    Den sbrick kann ich mit dem Mobile steuern, die Verbindung von Controller zum Mobile funktioniert auch, aber Controller zur sbrick-App klappt nicht, wer kann mir...  more
    • Apr 11
  • Alexander Dienst
    Alexander DienstGroup for German users: Moin aus Hamburg, wie bekommt man ein erstelltes Profil auf das Mobile? Browser: Edge (hier ist das Profil erstellt und gespeichert. Mobile App: V4.4 update 13 aber unter [My Créations] - [+] - [Profile Fernbedienung] - [meine Profile] ist nichts zu...  more
    • Apr 10
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  • Stefan  Müller
    Stefan Müller kan mir jemand sagen warum das der buton knopf nicht korekt got normal söt ja beim drüken ein und wider drüken aus aber irgent wi beim los lasen schalt ed er selber hofe jemand kan helfen
    • Apr 6
  • Zsolt Szrapkó
    Zsolt Szrapkó Profile Designer 1.4.96 is out now, with new addition to the Output values:
    - Auto Brake: Now you can set the control's behaviour for the release.
    - Output Curve: Set the sensibility of the slider and the joystick.
    • Apr 5
  • Alex  Kö
    Alex KöGroup for German users: Hiho, funktioniert bei Euch im Profile Designer die Einstellung des "Auto-Reset Off"?? Irgendwie speichert er diese Einstellung nicht *fixed* I used Internetexplorer, works fine now with Firefox
    • Apr 4
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  • Alex  Kö
    Alex Kö Funktioniert der "Auto-Reset Off" beim Profile Designer bei Euch auch nicht?
    • Apr 4
  • nick Vanloffelt
    nick Vanloffelt SBRICK is het beste programma in de vs
    • Apr 3
  • E  Of D
    E Of D First Sbrick creation! Simply amazing!
    Custom RC Lego Tesla Model 3 with Sbrick!
    Custom RC Lego Tesla Model 3 with Sbrick! 3 months in the works! I hope you enjoy! I don't know why, but I'm really nervous about uploading this... #BrickOst...
    • Apr 2
  • Ed van Leeuwen
    Ed van Leeuwen how to connect a car with 2 row engines
    • Mar 29
  • Ed van Leeuwen
    Ed van Leeuwen hoe een auto te verbinden met 2-rij motoren
    • Mar 29