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Hello everybody,

I just started to test the beta and from the very beginning there are a lot of questions. First of all, I have some experience in writing code in VB and VBA, so I'm quite familiar with the logic of programming. Right now I just started with a simple profile containing just one button which should switch on a motor. When pressed again the motor should be switched off (see photo).
So my question is, is it planned for the future to implement such behaviour (simple toggle) as a kind of standard behaviour? What I mean is, when adding a button control, you can adjust the behaviour of this button directly while placing it on the screen? Same question for sliders and other controls.

Regards from Bremen
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  • Lénárd Pásztor
    Lénárd Pásztor What I want to implement is that when you drop a new control to the stage there will be a "ready to use" code for it in the code section, so you won't need to program if you like to use a simple control with basic functionality.