Jamie Wood's Album: Emmet's Mech

Created right after I saw the Lego Movie at the cinima, this was my attempt to duplicate Emmet's Mech, with a few desigh changes of my own. In the first few pics, the drive motors are fitted above the battery boxes, however due to gear slippage and lack of space they were moved down between the tracks & the boxes were moved up. Both of the arms are capable of 2 axis of movement on the shoulder, with phneumatics providing elbow movement on the claw arm, whilst the minigun spun. To get everything motorised, each arm had its own gearbox to double the no. of outputs. The truck & trailer is based on a modified wheelbase from technic crane #42009, whilst the trailer has small linear actuators for support feet. power functions & items required: Drive- 6 XL motors & 2 battery boxes Torso rotation- 2 L motors Arms- 4 M motors & a 5th for the gearboxes Trailer- 5 small linear actuators, 1 M motor & battery box Lights, Phneumatics, pressure gauge and a lot of yellow panels Total mech weight- 3.5Kg