Nicholas Sadler's Album: MLRA

This is my custom Mobile Lego Robotic Arm or MLRA for short. This is for a project at my school for our Young Engineers Club.The MLRA's tank track propulsion is powered by two PF XL motors. This give the MLRA great maneuverability and power. The arm is powered by 4 PF L motors and 2 PF M motors. This powers the arms 3 main joints, the claw and the rotation of the claw. It is powered by 2 9v battery pack and as an added bonus it has 4 sets of LED lights, 3 in the front and 1 in the back. All together this allows the MLRA to lift and move up too 500g. It has the capability to stack objects and pick up very small objects (I have successively picked up one of the small pulley prices). Sadly no Sbrick because it would require 2 of them and I do not have the funds to purchase them. I will post a video within the next few days.