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Hello from... just Europe :)

  • February 20, 2015 12:10 AM CET


    I'm a Spaniard expat in Switzerland, lived in Ireland for a few years before, so let's leave it all in, just, "Europe" :)


    SBrick and MiniZip came up closely together in time, which I'm trying to use as a replacement for the Lego RC (radio) system I'd never buy because it's so expensive and bulky. So I'll be trying my luck with 1 or 2 RC 5292 motors plus 1 PF Servo motor for ground vehicles, in medium to small scale.


    So far it's being a pretty bumpy ride, with the Android app not behaving very well and not being particularly intuitive. The "back" button does weird things, and I can't get it to show my newly created (in profile under Market > My Profiles. I'll take my time to search for clues in this forum, but now I'm going to bed :)


    Thank you all for creating SBrick and this community. It'll be fun!

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