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Multi-SBrick MOC with Android controls?

  • October 26, 2015 4:14 PM CET

    [blockquote]Lénárd Pásztor said:Very interesting idea! It will be a nice MOC! :)[/blockquote]

    The first version definitely was. Imagine a black and white space vehicle with twelve wheels from the 8880 super car, about 30 studs wide and over 120 studs long. The cockpit alone was about 20x24 studs - and everything Minifig size, including the pilots. The cockpit also had moonbase-compatible airlocks.

    I'm looking forward to the upgrade then and will stay with the trains in the meantime.

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    October 26, 2015 3:12 PM CET



    Very interesting idea! It will be a nice MOC! :)

    The app currently not supports the function that you need about the motors, but the good news is the robotics extension of the Profile Designer will handle it.

    We are in the middle of the development, I hope we can release the extended version in January. So you have some time to build the model. :)

  • October 26, 2015 9:10 AM CET


    I don't have an SBrick (yet), but I'm going to buy a "trial" one in November, and mayby a larger pack on black friday, if you're going to have a sale again.

    While sorting my LEGO I stumbled over the remains of an older MOC of mine. It is basically a modular "moon car", which originally had several nearly-independent drive modules, i.e. each had a motor for driving, and they had a common motor for steering with a long axle and all the problems coming from that.

    I thought about re-making this MOC with the SBrick, and a servo motor and a drive motor in each drive module. Each module woud have its own battery and its own SBrick to keep the modular idea.

    Basic layout:

    [Cockpit Module][First Drive Train][Payload Module][Second Drive Train][Third drive Train][Tail Section]

    Each drive train will have two steerable, driven axles, with one or two motors for driving and a servo motor for steering.

    So for the drive motor I need to be able to control either three or six motors distributed over three SBricks with one control.

    For the steering it gets a bit more tricky: When the moon car wants to turn left, the first pdrive train (in front of the payload) needs to turn 50% left, the second drive train (behind the payload) needs to turn 50% to the right and the last drive train needs to turn 100% to the right. And this should be done with one control only.

    Is that possible to do with the Android software to control motors with different power levels from one control? Polarity can be done via the SBrick setup, but I would like to know if I need to build the module with a gear system for 50/100% of if this can be done in software.

    Leg bedre,