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EV3 brick and sbrick bluetooh communication

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    June 21, 2018 2:04 PM CEST


    I'm interested in using an EV3 brick to connect via Bluetooth to an SBrick Plus so I can drive additional motors remotely. All of the logic would be driven from the brick and the SBrick Plus would simply act as instructed. Reading various posts, it seems like this may be possible but there may be some restrictions (e.g. needs an external Bluetooth dongle that supports BLE) but I'm unclear if these still apply. If so, does anyone know the full set of restrictions?




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    May 20, 2017 9:41 PM CEST


    A suggestion for software development.

    There is an interest in EV3 Mindstorms robots to control PF motors to perform some of the motion functions. For doing this, right now we use the PF mate (see here , you can see there several nice examples) . This gadget allows control from the EV3 intelligent brick and add a new, custom control block to the EV3 software. This is better than simply connecting a PF motor with an adaptor to the EV3 brick because you can connect more motors and use their own batteries (and use the power and ports of the EV3 brick to the EV3 sensors and motors of the robot). 

    Now my son asks why not doing this task with our Sbrick. The idea would be that EV3 brick communicates with bluetooth to the Sbrick and the Sbrick could be added as a new sensor block in the EV3 programs.

    Technically, is this possible? Or the EV3 brick is allowed to use bluetooth only to communicate to the PC?

    What do you think??