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RCX Sensors

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    December 16, 2017 5:22 PM CET

    I take the silence for a no then...

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    December 3, 2017 12:56 PM CET

    Hello Lego People,


    I recently found out about the Sbrick and I love everything about it. I will definately buy several, but one question does not seem to have occured to anyone before. (Right?)


    Is there any way I can connect my old RCX sensors to the SBrick Plus? I have a lot of old Lego electronics which I intend to bring to new life. the possibility to use the old Buggy motors again is reason enough to buy one of the SBricks. I cannot decide between the regular one and the Plusv version though, since I don't plan buying all new stuff.

    (And what good is the Plus, if I have no sensors to go with it...)


    If those grey touch sensors (with the yellow button), aswell as that RCX light sensor work with the Plus, I will pay the bonus. If not, the standard SBrick it will be. Sooner or later I will buy more Sbricks anyway.


    If RCX sensors are not supported yet, is there any chance of support coming? the motors of the time are compatible, so the sensors should be implementable, right? The connectors are the same.


    I'm really excited to get into Lego robotics again after all the years. For 50 to 70 bucks! I totally skipped the NXT and EV3 due to chronic money deficiency. Thanks in advance,