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drive the micro:bit from SBRICK app

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    January 19, 2020 5:57 PM CET

    micro:bit is a $20 bluetooth microcontroller with accelerometer, distance sensor, led array, and several i/o pins.  Vengit has already added control of the SBRICK from micro:bit.

    The micro:bit could be used by the SBRICK app to extend the sensor suite, as well as a bridge to use other electronic components on our MOCs.  Imagine a circuit in profile designer that used the micro:bit accelerometer to trigger a sequence.  It could also trigger a message to the micro:bit which could drive an dazzling light pattern on a programmable RGB LED light strip.  That custom light pattern could also be triggered by pressing a button on the game controller.  

    The simplest way to access the power of the micro:bit might be to add a channel to the SBRICK app to send and receive messages from the micro:bit.  Then a library of SBRICK driver commands could be created for micro:bit.

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