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Mac OS - sBrick+ - s2bot - BLED112

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    April 17, 2020 12:52 PM CEST

    Hi Olaf,

    The s2Bot is not our software, it's a 3rd party.

    Unfortunately we (still) not have drivers for MacOS. Actually we searching for a MacOS developer to solve this problem.

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    April 17, 2020 12:44 AM CEST

    My son has a sBrick and a sBrick+. Combination of sBrick Designer and iOS App works, but long time ago we planned to use Scratch for some projects. From time to time I spent some hours to get sBrick+ running with Scratch. No success. Please help me.

    • Mac OS 10.13
    • sBrick and sBrick+ (with sensors)
    • s2Bot v0.8.5 (App, not native; because of sBrick+/sensor compatibility)
    • Scratch 2 offline Editor
    • BLED112

    In s2Bot the dropdown doesn't show possibility to connect to sBrick. The list shows WeDo, Boost, Picoboard and so on, but not sBrick. What's wrong? Where can I get s2Bot version with sBrick support?

    Trying to use the native version "MacS2bot" (which doesn't support sensors?!), I can connect to the sBrick+ and test it within MacS2bot-Application, but the connection is not stable and connection to scratch doesn't work: red dot instead of green dot within Scratch. Firewall is not active!