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sbrick power functions ?

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    October 16, 2023 5:47 AM CEST
    Long delay - hopefully this helps a little.

    Have 3 S-Brick Plus hubs I picked up on Amazon. Pretty sure someone is still selling (and fulfilling) there.

    I just plugged one of them into a 6x AA battery PF battery box, as well as some random PF motors. Started the S-Brick app on my latest IOS available iPhone and all functions appeared to still work with no issue. Don’t forget you’ll need the right cable to connect PF battery source to underside of the SBrick (mine is Lego, says “O2GO” on each connector, with one connector dark blueish gray and normal stackable, while the other is light blueish gray and only has contacts on the top (the light gray one is what I plug into the S-Brick).

    To be honest, if your budget and interest warrant it, BuWizz is far superior. They are PU and PF compatible, have their own motors you can use if you choose (INSANE speed and torque), app supports XBox and PlayStation controllers, and it’s still actively developed. I’m running the IOS beta app via TestFlight right now, even.

    As far as BuWizz goes - I’ve only used the 3.0 Pro and the motors so far (and Lego branded motors), and it’s amazing. Actually had 2 hubs and 4 motors in a high speed tank type deal hit 43km/h last weekend (right before it hit a perfectly straight up curb - which it drive away from). I’ve got a 2.0 hub (more PF ports, less power) and 4 more BuWizz motors coming next week from their website, as well!

    Good luck!
  • September 9, 2023 9:06 PM CEST

    nobody ? I am not asking for the moon here

  • August 14, 2023 9:57 AM CEST


    I ordered an SBRICK some while ago

    apparently it's out of sale. is there no more sbrick for power functions ?

    I have old regular lego motors, should I throw them away ?

    thanks for your help