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Testing the Android Version

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    May 16, 2020
    I tried the Android Version. I already worked with the MIT App Inventor.
    Which uses the same concept.

    Here some personal Feedback.First of all it's a very cool application.
    I had a lot of fun with my son. This visual coding is really great to start programming.
    The Application is already on a good level.
    Here some Feedback:

    - The Context Menu on a Element ist not clear in German:
    -> Kopieren
    -> Copy
    -> Kommentar hinzufügen
    -> ..

    It should be:
    -> Duplizieren
    -> Kopieren

    And then to Paste it's not translated. It should be "Einfügen".

    Another thing I searched for a long time was the drop Down Menu's on a
    event. There you don't see that there are more than you can see. You
    have to scroll down but there is no scroll bar
    or points visible.

    We are working on a smartphone and even with a small screen we can work
    with the application. It's very nice we can hide the left and right
    panel. But something you could perhaps optimize: The animations to show
    and hide the panels and the coding blocks and the Popup are slow.
    On a older smartphones it's not nice to see this effects as stumble.
    It better than it's fast and stable than smooth.

    On a small screen the trash icon is a little too big.

    The save icon is nice, but most of the time we just wan't to save then
    you have to click two times instead of just once. In my point of view
    the "save as" and "delete" menu point's are not necessary while coding.
    It would be better to have them on the first screen.

    The only thing I miss are the Undo and Redo Buttons.

    I had one freeze of the application while uploading a custom background.

    Again it's a very good Application.

    Perhaps you could integrate Smartphone Sensors in order to make the
    experience even better.
    Such as Gyro, Accelerometer, Distance or Brightness.

    Thanks and have a good time
    Best Regards