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Bugatti Veyron Update #1

Posted by Tmoney Technic
I have been working on this project for some time now, but it still has many issues. In the next update I will hope to have a partial blue and black body, revised suspension, a small cylinder W16, and I will also try to fix third gear in the transmission (the one where you hear all the gears stripping themselves). It is propelled with two L motors through Sariel's four speed sequential gearbox with a stepper motor. It is shifted by a M motor and steered by a servo. The Bugatti also has 2 LEDs for headlights, automatic reverse lights, and will have tail lights soon. All of this is controlled via Sbrick. The. Veyron also has independent suspension all around with a 4WD to RWD gear system. Hope you enjoyed and see ya next time!
Posted June 2, 2017
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  • Tmoney Technic
    Tmoney Technic Hey guys I have decided to change the scaling of the model to that of the technic racing medium, and I am considering replacing the four speed gearbox with an 8 speed transmission. The car will be wider and longer, this will mean more parts for the body...  more
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