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Lego Technic Refueler

Posted by Mike Verstappen
Here I present my Lego technic Airport Refueler. I wanted to build a truck with an remote controlled gear box. Staring with a 4 speed gearbox ending up with this 3 speed gear box. The 4 speed gearbox was not easy to control with a servo motor and used to much space between the 2 axles. (see my previous video). The first versions of the 3 speed gear box were not strong enough. Had a lot of problems with slippery gears. The truck 4x4 has several functions controlled by the SBrick from Vengit. Drive: 2 XL motor Platform lift: 1 L motor Steering: 1 Servo motor Shifting gear: 1 Servo motor (3 different speeds). The axles of truck have suspension. Uncoupling the trailer is done manually. I used a tube as a tank to save weight. (I also don’t have enough pieces to build the trailer). (removed previous video because of typo's)
Posted August 9, 2017 - Filed in LEGO TECHNIC - #LEGO  #SBrick  #truck  #Refueler  #airport 
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