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LEGO Technic TOYOTA FJ45 snow plow. Episode 1: Test drive with SBRICK

Posted by Egor Karshiev
Episode 1 is about test drive of FJ45. Episode 2 will be apperance overview (coming soon). Manual functions: -Transmission: 4x4 with 2-speed manual gearbox (High/Low ratio) and differentials at axles - Live axle suspension with 2 link + panhard rod at each axle - Openable doors with locks, bonnet, bed door - Roof convertible Motorized fucntions: - Propulsion: XL-motor - Steering: Servo-motor - Winch/Plow elevation: M-motor - Snow plow tilt left/right: M-motor
Posted February 17, 2015 - Filed in LEGO TECHNIC - #SBrick  #Toyota  #FJ45  #snow plow  #4x4 
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    BERNARD KALFAYAN HY Egor very fine video and your toyota semms very useful for the bad weither we have in france now . Is it realy a MOC or is it bazed on a Lego model ?? very pleasant colors and very realistic applaud
    February 17, 2015
  • Egor  Karshiev
    Egor Karshiev Hi Bernard.

    Thank you.
    It is a MOC. Based on my early MOC FJ40.
    February 17, 2015