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LEGO Particle Accelerator

Posted by Conor Davies
Based on design from - also a LEGO Ideas submission - I have added variable speed and direction control courtesy of an SBrick. This provides Bluetooth control from the SBrick app (iOS and Android) via the SBrick itself (the smaller grey block atop the larger battery box on the far right of the main accelerator building) to the motor(s). I just have the one motor here, but four separate ports are available). Eagerly awaiting profile designer to allow bespoke 'giant slider' control, rather than running from the little port tester interface as seen in this video. Works just great, though. Take a look at the enhanced version of accelerator itself over at the the LEGO Ideas Site and support it if you like it.
Posted January 22, 2015 - Filed in Ideas - #LEGO physics 
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