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For all you Doctor Who fans out there, I built a TARDIS large enough to fit the Lego Ideas Doctor Who set inside. It looked great, but was missing something. The two things that came to mind were the iconic light as well as the sound. Since the light is supposed to fade on and off standard Lego control wouldn't support this so an SBrick was the perfect solution. I was impressed that the light brightness is able to be adjusted just like a motor speed can be adjusted.

Then to hold true to a Lego MOC, making the sound without adding any non-Lego (aside from the SBrick which in my opinion is acceptable) I connected a medium motor to the SBrick and ran from the motor 40 tooth gear driving 8 tooth gear connected to a 40 tooth gear driving an 8 tooth gear etc. The high speed of the rotating gears gave a nice rattle that sounded similar to the TARDIS sound. When connected on the same channel as the light, the fading in and out of the sound instantly elicited a look of recognition in eyes of all who saw it. I was surprised how many dads and their kids are fans of The Doctor!

Thanks SBrick for making this possible!