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Controlling trains

  • B C
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    October 7, 2015 4:06 PM CEST


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    October 5, 2015 11:06 AM CEST

    Hi BC,

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

    These features will be available in the future. We don't know exactly when, but hopefully soon :)

  • B C
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    October 2, 2015 5:15 PM CEST

    I'm experimenting with using the SBrick to control trains and I am making my own profiles in the profile designer. In this scenario of controlling trains it would be nice to have more than one control object for a given output, e.g., a slider bar to set speed between -1 and +1 and a button to return precisely to zero (similar to the red button on the PF train controller). I have figured out that you can get the SBrick to do just this if you name both a slider (no auto reset) and a button (auto reset at output 0) to have the same name. Set the slider to the desired speed and the train moves; then hit the button and the train stops. However, upon hitting the button the slider stays where it last was, so when you want to move the train again, it will first start back to the last speed the slider was at. It would be REALLY nice if the slider was smart enough to return to zero when the "stop" button is pressed.


    In fact having different control elements aware of what other elements with the same output name have done would be helpful with buttons in general, e.g., one could have five different buttons all controlling one output at different speeds (or power levels). Right now the buttons when set to "no auto reset" are strictly a self-contained toggle on/off, unaware if another button has overridden it. So if you attempt a three button control for one output, you hit button 2: the button toggles on and the SBrick goes to that speed, then hit button 3: that button toggles on and the SBrick goes to that new speed (but the button 2 indicator remains "on" in the GUI), then hit button 2 again: the button toggles off and the SBrick comes to a stop (here too, the button 3 indicator remains "on" in the GUI).


    I originally posted this comment to after following the link from the designer page. I can't see the entire post but there were a few more comments there.

    Oh, and in the designer it would be REALLY nice to be able to copy one profile and modify it. It would be nice to import existing profiles so that one could figure out how they work (and again, modify to one's needs). It would also be nice to have a "universal" aspect ratio that simply seeks to maximize to whichever constraint is most binding.