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Sbrick Range Problems

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    January 28, 2016 2:49 PM CET

    Dear Mark,

    First of all really sorry for the late reply.

    Did you try our new Android application? If you didn't, please try it as soon as you can.
    You download it from Google Play:

    can find an another application from the Google Play, the Simple Control:

    test these applications. Our old application had some bugs about the connections buth they already fixed in our new App.

    Plese update your SBrick's firmware to the latest version. If you need any help about it just let me know.
    (After the update don't forget restart your mobile phone!)

    I'm pretty sure that your SBrick will has much more range with our new application and with the new firmware. If not, please let me know, we will find a solution because the 5m range isn't normal. 

    If you have any questions just let me know,

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    December 29, 2015 4:36 AM CET

    I tested my Brand New Sbrick Range today and found some problems.

    I did a range test in a open space with no buildings in the way with my new sports car (powered by the 8878 battery box and running 2 L motors and 1 servo motor) and found that it did not have more than 5 meters range while driving.

    We checked that the 8878 batterys voltage and it was at full charge 8.2 Volts.

    We also tested my phones range with my NXT 2.0 and it had 50 meters + we also tested the NXT 2.0 range with a another phone and it had the same amount of range.

    I also tested my Sbricks range powered by the 59510c01 9v battery box and 1 M motor and it had around  20 meters range.This was an identical test area

    to the Nxt test above. Both were Line of sight , in the country.

    I am running Android 5.1 and the phone is a Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace which is only a Week old.

    The model of the Sbrick is 14 on the warrenty card

    Please Help Me Fix this Problem ASAP, as I expected the range to be as good or better then an a Nxt brick running bluetooth.

    Thanks Mark