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Programming and autonomous operation

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    January 4, 2017 5:23 PM CET

    Hi Everyone!

    Some questions arose while having fun playing with my SBrick+ over the holidays :)


    First, is it true that the SBrick+ cannot run without a connection to the SBrick App ?

    I had hoped to set up sequences with sensor trigger circuits for them and then let the system run autonomously for display purposes (where I would not want to leave my phone unattended).


    Second, would it be possible for you to update your BLE protocol page to cover any new sensor data packets and other additions to the SBrick+ ?

    That way I could use BlueZ's gatttool to read/write to my SBrick+ for quick experiments:


    Third, is there any way you could publish an Android project template for the SBrick+ on GitHub (perhaps just the SBrick/BLE related classes from your official app) ?

    I really just want to write something like:

    TiltSensor tiltSensor = sbrick.getChannelA().AsTiltSensor();

    Motor steerMotor = sbrick.getChannelB().AsMotor();

    if (tiltSensor.getRollValue() > 0.7) {




    Thanks for the hard work on this project and I look forward to your responses!