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Sbrick and Trains

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    February 20, 2017 9:15 PM CET

    I recently purchased 2 Sbricks for an experiment into train control.  After about 3 hours I realize that Sbrick arent even close to being ready for train control, multiple train control that is.  Let me explain.


    Setting up 1 sbrick to control a single train is easy and works very well.  However, I ran into a ton of problems trying to set up multiple train control.  Now, it is possible to create a profile that has mulitple sliders as well as stop buttons that can control multiple trains.  This works but appears very limited because I cannot figure out how to label the sliders for the different trains.  I can put pictures but this seems like an uneccesary step when simple labels would work great.  Why aren't there labels?


    The real problem is when trying to run multiple trains when all the sbricks are not powered on.  Now, if there was a layout with 5 trains on it and I did want all five powered on the profile in the app doesn't load.  Am I missing something here?  Why doesn't the profile load when 1 of the bricks isn't on?  


    Seems like Sbrick is designed for a single model with one or motor sbricks.  You cannot switch from one profile to the other without the first profile shutting off the sbricks.  And it is unrealistic to have all the sbricks powered on if I create a profile with all my trains in it.


    I hope I am missing something big here.  I really want the sbrick to work for train control but it seems so limited.  Any help would be appreciated.