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Hi from France (Sylca)

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    December 28, 2014 12:18 PM CET

    Hello everybody,


    I'm a member of FreeLUG (like Philo, for example - which stands for FREnch Entousiasts Lego User Group), 36 years old, father of a nearly 3 years old boy, working in computer science and living in France just between Disneyland and Paris.

    I've received the 8 SBricks I pledged on kickstarter and wish the android app will improve greatly in the coming weeks :-) By the way, I'm using the android app on a Samsung Galaxy Note II, rooted, with Android 4.4.2.

    My interrests in Lego have began with Technics and Minstorms (NXT with RobotC - I helped (a little bit) Xander Soldaat (or maybe it's the contrary...) to develop the temperature and RFID sensors drivers), but I now like also city (especialy modulars)/medieval and trains. I humblely do some exhibitions with FreeLUG at Fanabriques every year (last WE of june near Strasbourg, France) and hope I'll be able to use Sbricks to improve the show!

    I'm doing some MOCs but am also a bit of a collector. My family takes me more time now so I'm playing less, which just let me collect sets, but I'm pretty sure that when my kid will have grown a little bit, in a few years, I'll come back to MOCs :-)

    Beside, I'm very eclectic (playing music, piloting (planes, helicopters, motorcycles, 4x4, ...), reading fantasy comics, role playing, paintball, ...), lacking place, time and money to do all I'd like... like all of us I presume :-)


    That's all for me!

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