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Designer improvements

  • O B
    • 2 posts
    December 29, 2017 6:40 PM CET


    starting with the sbrick a few days ago (december 24 :-) ) I came across a few things that might be improved.


    The designer is difficult to use with a tablet (Samsung Galaxy tab a), some menues are larger than the screen an not all parts are accessible. It works fine on a PC, but who wants to switch between tablet and pc all the time during programming?

    The circuit functionality is great, since it allws some simple basic programming.

    Possible improvements:

    - A help page with examples ;-)

    - I tried to assign a control but n or slider as an input to a circuit. However, it is inactive as long as long as I do not assign a stick port in the stick app. It worked, when I assigned it to a port that controlled the lights, so I found a workaround, but it would be better if buttons, sliders etc. would also work as an input to a circuit control without assignment to physical channel.

    - Concurrent control circuits can lead to unexpected behaviour and it's difficult to keep the overview. A major extension could be state machine. That would be a rather big thing to do, but could be implemented as an extension to the current control concept.

    That' all for today, I'll try out a little more....