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Connecting the Sbrick plus to the PC

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    January 14, 2018 2:59 PM CET

     As I understand the sbrick plus is called upon to solve more complicated tasks than the sbrick.

    As far as I know, it is necessary to use Scratch to create the algorithm of the work of the Sbrick.

    Finally, I bought a sbrick plus.. It is a pity that the store does not say anywhere about the ways to connect the sbrick plus to the PC. Also, there is no mention of a simpler connection with the help of BLED112.

    Also I have a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. I do not have a BLED112.

    Now my computer can only recognize the new Sbrick Plus device.
    Unfortunately now I can not go any further.

    The fact is that the only article that tells a little about the secrets of connecting the sbrick for scratch (available on the link ) is still pespy. 

    Links for downloading additional software available in the text of this article do not work.

    Therefore, I have not yet made one step further, while I stand in the same place.

    Can someone tell me if I was wrong somewhere?


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