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SBrick app crasches every time I connect the sbrick

  • January 26, 2018 4:15 PM CET

    Hi, thanks for your feedback.

    I've an update.

    I was able to connect the Sbrick to my laptop using the application and then I've updated the firmware to the last one available (22).

    Now something is changed.

    I'm able to connect to the Sbrick by the ipad (with the iphone still crashes). I can flasching the led and verify the ports, but after few seconds, maybe 30, the app scrashes again.

    I've connected the SBrick to my Volvo escavator to verify the output (motors) and for again 30 seconds the Volvo runs correctly, after that the app crashes also on the ipad.

    I'm really confused about the behaviur.

    Hope that someone will give us a solution.




  • January 26, 2018 2:36 PM CET

    Hi Alessandra,


    This is exactly what happens with my Sbricks either (see previous post).

    And it can not be the case to trash the Sbrick modules (brand new) and consider 128 euro down the drain.

    I assume Vengit will respond and come with a solution; otherwise I have to consider Buwizz. I was one of the beta-users before they went to market, and I must admit the Buwizz is really amazing in power.... but I have chosen for Sbrick given the advanced Profiler Designer and better User Interface. Well, if I get it to work ;-)

  • January 26, 2018 2:14 PM CET

    Dear all, I'm here to report a problem that is occurring every time I try to connect the SBrick module to my SBrick app (v4.4 Update 11) running on my iphone 5S with IOS 11.2.2.
    The problem occurrs only with one of my 3 Sbrick modules (2 SBrick and 1 SBrick+), with one of the 2 SBrick.

    The other 2 SBricks run correctly.

    If u see in the below image the app recognize the SBrick module (another strange thing is related to the battery indicator, infact, it is showed in red once connected to the not working module, but if I connect the working one then the battery indicator becomes yellow showing the right battery value).

    If I try to tap to the SBrick module (see the second screenshot) the app crashes.

    I've tryed several time to disconnect and reconnect the SBrick module, to turn off and turn on the iphone or the bluetooth, I've tryed with my two iPads, but nothing, the application crashes continuously.

    Do u have any suggestion before I trash the SBrick module?

    Thanks to all.