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BuWizz and SBrick

  • July 21, 2021 7:03 AM CEST

    I recently completed over 250 hours of designing a project, only to have my time wasted. The SBrick app no longer connects to the receiver if it can detect a BuWizz battery! OK, fine. I'll gladly spend the $10 needed to unlock the feature. However, the driver doesn't even offer full compatibility? Why, then, was it released?

    Where is the function to control the voltage (speed modes) that the BuWizz battery supports? These are slow, normal, fast, and ludicrous.

    Why is it that the driver comes out, is required to operate my creation, has the aforementioned problem, and has so many issues connecting to the BuWizz unit? The controls either do nothing at all or operate a different motor, due to the 'hubs' or 'channels' switching amongst themselves (what???).

    I feel ripped off, does anyone else feel the same?