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SBrick Plus + Microbit. Extension in Phyton

  • September 28, 2021 12:44 PM CEST


    It is published an extension block for Makecode. Can we have a set of files that we could add to the computer and start later instructions in phyton, typing these in simple editors like Mu or Microsoft visual code?

    Can we have a document explaining which files must he have, where should they be colocated on windows folders structure, and later the set of functions, parameters that we could use to control sensors and motors?


    Also would be nice to explain in the document maybe as an appendix, what is happening in the four pins C1, C2, GND, V; for each of the instructions defined in the document and the hub itself. If it is a read value on pin C1, a pwm cicle, ... BLE connection, temperature, or battery consumption (voltage, current).