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Android issues

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    Jul 22
    If you run into any problems with Android, share them here! Android is *very* device-specific, so include your device type, Android version, and ideally a screenshot as well so we can help with the problem.
  • Jul 22
    You can download the beta from here:
  • Jul 23
    does that link still work to download onto another device?
  • Jul 23
  • Sep 18
    When storing a project (save or save as), the project seems to be stored, but an error is displayed: servercomm.loaded error
  • Sep 26
    Here is the new builr, it fixes the save problem too.
  • Sep 28

    I now installed version 4.5.5-203 on an Android device. I wonder about what connections are needed from the new version. We restricted internet access for this Android phone and so far we allow access to


    But with the new sBrick app version projects aren't loaded any more. We just get the message "Synchronizing with servers...".

    Which addresses/domains do we need to whitelist, to get the new version running?