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LEGO 42082 SBrick mod

Posted by Nick Vlessert
LEGO 42082 2x SBrick 1x powerbox M motor drive M motor support legs M motor boom up/down M motor boom in/out Servo motor steering M motor hook M motor rotati...
Posted December 28, 2018 - #LEGO  #SBrick  #42082 
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  • Lee Blume
    Lee Blume Yikes! I got this Lego Technic model for Christmas and it is still in the box as I complete a custom Abrams tank. I have just signed up here and looking into the SBrick programming side of things .

    @ Nick Vlessert, I like the mod but being new here...  more
  • Nick  Vlessert
    Nick Vlessert Thanks for the comment that’s exatly how i do it build the original first and then piece by piece remove parts of the construction and find out were you can create room and function
    A bit of trial and error as i write this down i’m already busy with...  more
    Jan 9