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Posted by Horatiu Coifan
This is the probably the narrowest 4x4 rtc steering RC car. Hope you enjoy it.
Posted October 10, 2014 - Filed in My Own Creation - #Technic  #MOC  #narrowest 
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  • Roberto Vengut Tro
    Roberto Vengut Tro Yes, I think it is. Maybe you should try to make the lowest to the ground one, and put rubber wheels and pendular supension on it (to try to climb some small obstacles). Sorry for my bad English, if you don't understand something do not hesitate to ask me.
    October 11, 2014
  • Horatiu Coifan
    Horatiu Coifan Thank you for your like and your suggestions.
    This project was made for a minicars contest, in a minimal volume, almost 530cmc. Indeed, I could put rubber on wheels or made wheels from 8 teeth gears putting them in small tires, but I chose the solution...  more
    October 11, 2014