SBrick Pro beta app preview - one app to rule them all!

Posted by Mark Bollobas
This is a preview of the SBrick Pro app, it is still a closed beta version with no public access. The app will enable you to control a wide range of Bluetoot...
Posted Nov 6
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  • Fabrice Bovy
    Fabrice Bovy Hi,
    did you test a PoweredUp hub with a train motor ?
    Nov 8
  • Jack
    Jack The app looks fantastic! Any chance it will connect to Spike Prime or the new Robot Inventor set 51515?
    Nov 9
  • Lénárd Pásztor
    Lénárd Pásztor Yes it will connect to the train motor and the spike prime and the new mindstorms set too. Now working on bugfixing the current drivers then we continue to include new systems (not just lego ones). If you have idea what do you want to control with the...  more
    Nov 11
  • Jack
    Jack No particular projects. Im just really enjoying the Scratch programming of the Mindstorms set, and would have loved to add control of the Buwizz as an extra power source. Controlling everything through a game pad is just the cherry on the cake. I cant...  more