Ultimate 8043S

Ultimate 8043S
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The Ultimate 8043 S is the SBrick version of the Ultimate 8043.

The U-8043 is a fully motorized version of the original 8043 motorized excavator set.

The gearbox of the 8043 was removed, and all the digging functions, slewing and driving now all have their own PF-motor, allowing all the functions to be controlled simultainiously. And with SBrick, you can now even controll the speed of all the functions, making it a very precise machine.

With the help of Alez Zeimet (AFOL1969) and Strikeman, I've created full building instructions for the SBrick-version of the Ultimate 8043 Motorized excavator. Go to the instructions-page to get them.

It wasn't just a matter of exchanging the Power-functions with SBricks. Because of the different shape of the SBricks and the fact that there are 4 PF-connectors on top, the SBricks didn't fit. So I rebuilt the U-8043 and modified it so that 2 SBricks would fit neatly inside the model. And the profile I created for the Link Belt 250 X 3 excavator worked perfectly with this model as well.

Download building instructions

Parts list image 1

Parts list image 2

Parts list Brickstock XML-file (.bsx)