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How to use this...
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Create by Lénárd Pásztor | January 9, 2015 | Last updated by Lénárd Pásztor January 9, 2015 (view change)

This social site has been developed with a mature audience in mind.  This means that we expect members to be nice and play nice.  We expect our members to behave in a mature way and not abuse the site by posting inappropriate content or material.  We reserve the right to ban those who overstep the mark, put up content that does not have a place here, or abuse other members of this site.


If you see that a user is abusing the site - for example by using it for advertisement - then you can flag the post by clicking on the user’s name, and then tapping the “report” link on the left hand side of their profile page.  We will be then be notified and check things out.

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