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This social site has been developed with a mature audience in mind.  This means that we expect members to be nice and play nice.  We expect our members to behave in a mature way and not abuse the site by posting inappropriate content or material.  We reserve the right to ban those who overstep the mark, put up content that does not have a place here, or abuse other members of this site.


If you see that a user is abusing the site - for example by using it for advertisement - then you can flag the post by clicking on the user’s name, and then tapping the “report” link on the left hand side of their profile page.  We will be then be notified and check things out.




We recommend that you post things that interest the community.  This could be a model you have built which incorporates the SBrick, for example.  If you’ve heard something that you think would interest the community, show off your creations, tell the world about the SBrick adventures you’ve had, this is the place to do it.


You can attach video, images, and links to your post by clicking on the icons below the text box.  Then click on the “Share” public to post it to the social site.


Every post is public, and everyone can read them.  So think about what you write before you post, as things have a tendency to live forever on the internet.




This is where you can see videos and photo albums others have shared with the SBrick community - for example, an album could contain several images of the same MOC.  This is also where you yourself can share videos and albums with the other users of the site.


To upload videos or albums, click on the main link in the top bar.  Then on the top right hand of the page you will see an “Add New” button.  After clicking on this button, you will be able to upload your content.  We recommend you fill in all of the boxes below to ensure that other users will be able to quickly and easily find your videos/albums.  Pay attention to the various pull-down options to make sure that everything is just as you want it to be.




Here you can create a group for you and your friends, and browse other groups that have been created.  If you are a member of a LEGO club, or special interest group, head here to set up a group for your members.  For example, if you are part of a LEGO Train Club in Tennessee (this is a hypothetical example), you can set up a group here for all your members.  When you create a group, you have the option to make it either public or private - you can change this status at any time.  If the group is public, everyone will see it, obviously.


We recommend that you take time to fill out all the details below, paying special attention to the Group description.  The better you explain yourself, the easier it will be for others to find your group and everything associated with it. You can set up a group to be invitation only, or to be a group that anyone can join.


An important detail to note; the social site has several “official” groups.  To make sure there is no confusion, you will not be able to use the word “official” in your group name; any group which contains this term will be denied.  


The official groups are:

  • Profile suggestions - Offical Group

  • 9 members led by Lénárd Pásztor

  • Do you have an idea about a new control profile? Let's design it together!

  • Please write about the profile functionality and send some scratch photos about how it works.

  • Developers - Official Group

  • 5 members led by Andras Barath

  • Be a developer as the app has open source APIs or a designer of the best interface. Join now and we will provide you with access to all the tools you need. Earn credits for your contribution, or even sell your MOC on the community marketplace.

  • This group is invite only.  

  • Broadcasters Group - Official Group

  • 14 members led by Andras Barath

  • Be a broadcaster and spread the news about Smartbrick to get some great perks from us and the community.

  • This group is open to everyone.

  • Beta Testers - Official Group

  • 8 members led by Lénárd Pásztor

  • Be a βTester and receive one of the prototypes we used for testing way before anyone can have one.

  • We kindly ask our members to ONLY request membership for this group if you ALREADY own an SBrick prototype.

  • The group is for beta testers - folks who pledged for "beta tester" on KickStarter or received prototypes for being a Broadcaster. We will decline other members.

  • We are working on a wiki to share information with the group and with the community outside, so those declined for now can peek in ;)

  • Thank you for your understanding.

  • Organisers - Official Group

  • 5 members led by Andras Barath

  • Be an organiser of the next local or global race. Our aim is to make people play together and compete against each other. Use the event management features to make the process easy and fun. In this group we shall share our tips for organising the best events to try out your creations.

  • This is an open group.  

Finally, any group which you create is yours and your responsibility. If you start a group, we hope you look after it, nurture it, and help it grow!




Meeting others with similar interests can be great.  If you are planning an event, head here to publicize it to those close to you and others around the world.  Here you can create an event of your own, or if you have heard of an event that the community would be interested in (and which isn’t listed), put that up as well!


To create an event, click on the Events link on the top bar and then look for the “Create New Event” button on the top right.  Make sure to fill in as much information as you can, as the better informed users are, the more likely they are to not only be interested, but also take part!  




If you want to discuss topics related to SBrick, and perhaps topics only slightly related to SBrick, this is where to go.  Here you can look through the topics and threads already available - we’ve started some official threads already - or if you want, you can start a new thread yourself.  To prevent confusion, we recommend that you look through the threads already out there before starting a new one, to ensure that the conversation isn’t diluted over several locations.




This is where you can buy the SBrick and where, in the future, you will find all SBrick acccessories.  If you are an individual, or company, that creates LEGO accessories and want it to be SBrick compatible, please get in touch with us directly at



This is where you will find all official SBrick competitions.  These are created by us for you and will be open only to members of  All competitions will reward the top three participants with prizes.


If you want to sponsor a competition, please get in contact with us at .




The official Wiki is managed exclusively by the SBrick team and is what you are reading right now.  However, if you want to create your own Wiki, please free to do so.  For example, if you build an exciting gear system and want a wiki to accompany it, you can create one and put it up here for everyone to read.