The SBrick BLE protocol

The SBrick BLE ...
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Created by Tamás Fábián | January 9, 2015 | Last updated by Tamás Fábián April 7, 2015 (view change)

BLE Bluetooth protocol SBrick

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  • David Wegmuller
    David Wegmuller AS Laurent pointed out, there is a typo in the remote control service.
    The full UUID is: 02b8cbcc0e254bda8790a15f53e6010f (the first digit, 0 is missing).
    March 29, 2015 - 2 like this
  • Tamás Fábián
    Tamás Fábián Hi everyone, a new version of the protocol description has been published. All the mentioned errors were fixed.
    January 19, 2016
  • Zoltan Feher
    Zoltan Feher hey, I've upgraded my sbrick to v17, and i can see that this description is also updated. but it has some errors.
    in the advertisement data, there is no adc sensor raw reading now!
    December 14, 2016
  • Zoltan Feher
    Zoltan Feher after upgrading, there are no notifications on the remote control characteristics. does a changelog exist what is changed in the protocol?
    December 14, 2016