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Created by Lénárd Pásztor | January 23, 2015 | Last updated by Jurgen Krooshoop March 17, 2015 (view change)

Link Belt 250 X 3



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Following up on the Zorex-220 PF-excavator, I found that there were some things that could be improved. Inspired by the colour-scheme of the USA-based Link-Belt Excavators, I started designing a new excavator. Allthough the principles and scale are basically the same as the Zorex, there are many differences:

* Link Belt is based on a real existing machine, Zorex is just a typical excavator
* Link Belt has fully studless chassis, completely hiding the drivetrain inside the chassis, while maintaining the suspension
* Improved driving and slewing thanks to a roller.
* Uses L-motor for slewing
* Openable cabin-door, cabin-roof, superstructure-side-doors and opening top.
* More detailed interior
* Greebles mimicing the insides of the machine
* Improved scaling by extending boom and tracks


Link Belt & SBrick

Some weeks before Lego World 2014, I was contacted by the Sbrick-team, asking if I would like to demonstrate the Sbrick at Lego World. They sent me the Sbricks and this excavator was chosen to be the test-model for there prototype-Sbricks.

The tests at Lego World turned out succesfull, the model and the Bluetooth-controlled Sbricks performed well. Using an iPod Touch as controller, there was no interference with the many PF-controlled models there. Ans the Sbrick-system allows you to controll the speed of the motors, making the controll very precise and more realistic.

So when I started making instructions, 2 versions had to be made: 1 for the PF-version and 1 for the SBrick-version.


Custom-created profile

The profile uses 2 joysticks for the digging functions and 2 sliders for driving the tracks. Also there are 2 buttons which switch the lights on and off. A custom background was created specially for this profile: 


Profile name: Jurgen's Excavator (Yet to be published)

Link to the instructions: Click here

Link to the parts lists (ZIP-archive with images): Click here

Link to the Brickstock-parts list for PF-version: Click here

Link to the Brickstock-parts list for SBrick version: Click here



Excavator Link Belt

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  • Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters Thank you Jurgen I completed mine this afternoon. There are only three parts I cannot source in the correct colour. The only difficulty I had was getting the back on but I twigged the easy way eventually. Lovely to look at a joy to drive. Full marks my...  more
    February 4, 2016