Ropa euroTiger V8-4 XL S

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  • Acceleration (RC 3 axles)
  • Articulated steering (RC)
  • Steering rear axles (RC called Dogwalk)
  • Unfolding machine ( RC Pneumatic)
  • Lifting cutter (RC Pneumatic)
  • Lifting lifting unit (RC pneumatic)
  • Cleaning unit (RC)
  • Unfolding elevator (RC)
  • Lifting/lowering elevator (RC)
  • Beet tank conveyor (RC)
  • Work Light (RC)
  • Warnblinker (RC, Blinks)
  • Pneumatic Pump/ V8 engine (manually)

Weight 8,5 kg including transport wagon


3 Sbricks
7 M motors
4 L Motors
2 XL Motors
2 Servo Motors
1 MicroMotor
38 LED lights (19 PF LED sets)

4 PF battery boxes, 1 box pr Sbrick, and 1 for the Pneumatic pump.
Uses AA Lithium batteries, unchargeable, for a better perfomance.

Used extra versus the PF Edition:

2 M Motors for pneumatic functions
3 short extension wires for the Sbricks
2 meter Extra Pneumatic Hose

Instructions: Not planned

Author: Allan Clausen

Official remote profile: not released yet

You can found more pictures here.

You can found a video here.



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