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Hi. Anyone working with Lego WeDo?

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    January 5, 2015 4:51 PM CET

    Hi Peter,

    SBrick is not WeDo compatible. They work completely differently. We have plans for sensors and other devices, but before we could develop anything else, we need to finish and debug the applications and the firmware.

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    December 7, 2014 7:39 AM CET

    For the  foreseeable future will be working more with Lego WeDo the robotic set for young children because I an trying to interest my 3 grandchildren. Anyone here using Lego WeDo? Is there any group for those working with Lego WeDo? I have so far purchased 3 sets, the basic and the resource set because 2 is for my 2 daughters' kids while the other one is for me to work on.

    I don't know yet exactly how the SBrick works. I see the SBrick is the the Lego WeDo hub with two connections. With WeDo, one connection is normally connected to a motor and the other is connection to the computer USB hub.

    Can these be connected wireless be connected to the computer instead? If yes, I may be interested in pre-ordering one to test.

    Also, if we preorder 1, when will be be able to get it? I live in Malaysia.

     BTW this is my blog to try guide my grandchildren and perhaps other kids via the Internet:

    If you visit the site you will see that I am trying to encourage them to build from scratch rather than depending on building instructions, thus the models will be initially very basic. 

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