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Profile Designer documentation broken

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    May 18, 2021 1:23 PM CEST

    Hi sbrick team,

    There are some issues about your documentation:

    A) The documentation wiki's css is broken, the end of the lines is unreadable. Have the problem on Firefox, Chrome and Edge, so must be on your side. Can you please fix this, its anoying to change your css or copy and paste the text into an editor, every time I need to read something.

    B) There is no documentation of your 'Circuit' feature, is it so new? When can we expect you to make one. I need to fix a mechanical steering problem and will need some more advanced programming than sequences, hope the cirquit is that kind of thing.

    I know this is quite demanding, sorry for that but - if I may be open - you sell premium priced products and I have an idea of the hardware costs since I soldered my previous controllers using similar chips as you do. And beeing on the marcket for years now, the mold of the housing should not be the reason either (I know they are expensinve to be made) So the software part is my only explanation for your prices.
    Your workflow is quite good and working pretty well for me so far, (even though I would love to have some source code programming IDE but I did not expect that) thanks for that. Yet I do expect an adequat support of the software part, namely a proper documentation. (Yes I know, LEGO gives a damn about a powered up documentation, that's why I dont buy their hubs anymore and dont miss a moment to bash them ;)
    I was suprised nobody realized the documentation wiki so far and it makes me a bit nervous about how well your support is. By the way it is also a bit cryptic, even for a programmer, but looks like you're still developing that.

    Looking forward to your response and hoping for some hints on the circuit.
    cheers, ben