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New features and ideas

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    Jul 22
    Is there something missing from the app that you would like to see? Perhaps a feature that you’ve been looking for but haven’t managed to find? Play an active role in our development and let us know here!
  • Aug 9
    I was thinking of some kind of read/write script functionality, where inputs to joysticks, sliders, and buttons are recorded for a certain amounts of time, then can be played in a loop.
  • Aug 13

    I wonder about any way to build a scenario like:

    Having 2 WeDo distance sensors connected.

    Starting a timer and counting the seconds when one sensor is detecting an object (like distance lower than {variable}). Stopping timer and displaying the counted seconds, when the second sensor is detecting an object.

    Any idea about how to implement?
  • Aug 14
    M. Christiansen

    Ive made something like a timer. I made a loop that would add to a variable every 0.25 seconds.