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Ferrari FXX - Instruction Teaser - MOC

Posted by Lachlan Cameron
Dugald and I are pleased to announce we have created our first instructions for our custom Ferrari FXX. This car is built in two sections, framework then bodywork. In these instructions you will find an incredible amount of care placed on the strength of the frame and a new style of torsion bar suspension. This car has 1880 pieces, 956 pieces in the framework, and 924 pieces in the body work. I am new at instructions, and if something is identical from one side to another, I only showed photos of that side. Also, I have broken down the part count into the frame work and the bodywork is someone chooses to simply build the frame only. This build is not for a beginner.... Build at your own risk!
Posted October 9, 2016 - Filed in LEGO TECHNIC - #  #Technic  #LEGO  #ferrari  #supercar  #FXX  #instructions 
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