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Bugatti Chiron

Posted by Lachlan Cameron
The Chiron has curves & shapes rarely seen in Lego. This build began with the simplistic, strong and extremely reliable Framework. This vehicle is loaded with a custom W16 motor (designed by my bro), front and rear lights, 2wd - 4wd shifter, Steering with the Servo, 2 XL Motors for drive, 1 M motor for rear wing, Sbrick, LIPO battery, button to turn on the battery, independent suspension. The idea was to create a purely cosmetic build, and create the whole car exactly to scale. As this car has a fairly short front and rear end, the batteries and motors had to be between the wheels. The Servo for steering was tucked as low as possible in front of the of the wheels not to interfere with the hood / wheel wells. The framework is low as possible, 1 stud off the ground, 2 studs above the front wheels. This was a nightmare to allow the wheels to turn without rubbing on the inside.
Posted May 14, 2017 - Filed in LEGO TECHNIC - #Technic  #LEGO  #Hypercar  #bugatti  #Chiron 
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