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SBrick train control - a storyboard

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    October 9, 2014

    The purpose of this post is to illustrate a conceptual design for a SBrick train control profile. The concept is presented as a storyboard in two different forms:

    1) a video, which runs through each of the functions of the interface and
    2) an interactive storyboard, which anyone can use to get a better feel of the proposal than is available from watching a video.

    The design goals of the interface are
    - to provide grouping by function
    - that significant information should be visible in a glance
    - that controls make allowance for "big" fingers
    - that the controls are located in a similar area on the interface device

    Note that the function grouping is arbitrary and should be configurable by each individual user. From my perspective, it seems useful to separate functions for train control, layout control/configuration, other controls and a panic button. Other people perspective may differ.

    As an aside, I forsee a need for both layout control (controlling the points when the trains are running) and layout configuration (identifying the starting position of each set of points). The storyboard illustrates both ideas.

    The interactive storyboard has been created using Fluid UI. It has been split into two parts due to a constraint in the maximum number of screenshots within a free "project". The storyboard has limited functionality (e.g. the train speed controls don't move, only two of the points can be interacted with) but it should be sufficient to provide a feel for the interface.

    Here is a video of the storyboard

    If you want to try the interface, either;
    1) [iPad users] download the Fluid UI app from the iTunes store and use these QR codes to access the two parts of the interface

    Train Control QR Codes 

    2) Interact with the interface using your browser
    2.a) Train and layout control
    2.b) Other control and panic button

    You are more than welcome to contribute suggestions about the interface by posting replies to this forum topic.