• 6,362

    Profile suggestions - Offical Group

    Do you have an idea about a new control profile? Let's design it together!
    Please write about the profile functionality and send some scratch photos about how it works.
    led by Lénárd Pásztor

  • 6,480

    Broadcasters Group - Official Group

    Be a broadcaster and spread the news about Smartbrick to get some great perks from us and the community.

    This group is open for everyone.
    led by Andras Barath

  • 6,688

    Organisers - Official Group

    Be an organiser of the next local or global race. Our aim is to make people play together and compete against each other. Use the event management features to make the process easy and fun.

    In this group we shall share our tips for organising the best...  more
    led by Andras Barath