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Coding app beta test


  • Fabrice Bovy
    Fabrice Bovy: Hello,
    I tried to connect 9 SBricks and 2 PoweredUp hubs but always one (randomly, I mean not always the same device) stays in connecting status...
    Is there a limit on the number of connected devices ?
    • Jan 4
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor Hi, with bluetooth 4.0 you can connect up to 8 slaves to a master device. However it also depends on the OS too.
      • Jan 5
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Fabrice Bovy Hi, I have a Surface Book 3 (W10 Pro version 20H2) with Bluetooth 5.0.
      • Jan 6
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor You should make a video about it, it is great that you can connect so many devices
      • Jan 6
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Fabrice Bovy yes, and I also have my mouse and an audio receiver connected at the same time.
      I now have to test with the BLE dongle to see if I can connect more devices...

      Keep you posted ;-)
      • Jan 11
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor it would be great if you can create photos/video about your huge setup
      • Jan 12
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Fabrice Bovy sure, I m gonna try to make a video this weekend.
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Fabrice Bovy Hi Lénárd Pásztor, i published a new video in!AJ8kVfLlY5W1qTg.
      As you will see, there are 10 hubs connected at the same time.;-)
      • Wed at 1:37 PM
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor wow what type of tablet are you using?
      • Wed at 8:07 PM
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Fabrice Bovy Microsoft Surface Book 3 (W10 Pro version 20H2) with Bluetooth 5.0.
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor If you can create a landscape video not just only with the interface but the working connected devices it would be very cool, so we can share on our FB for example.
      • Fri at 1:26 PM
    • Fabrice Bovy
      Lénárd Pásztor I've just seen the roller coaster video, wow it is really cool
      • Fri at 2:05 PM