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Coding app beta test


  • Soós Balázs
    Soós Balázs: Hello everybody!
    Please find two comments:
    1. I have so similar problem as probably Fabrice Bovy mentioned previously:
    - in case of "motot x set brake-true" the software run out of control, the motor does not stop, neither when the play mode is closed....  more
    • February 24, 2021
    • Soós Balázs
      Lénárd Pásztor Hi Balázs!
      1. Thanks for the report, checking it.
      2. I think yes we have, are you used "Smart motor" in the "Virtual Port settings"?
      • February 24, 2021
    • Soós Balázs
      Soós Balázs Yes, i did. I wanna make a configuration for rotate Smart motor with +- x degree by button click. Now the software shows the position, preset for the initial number, but there is a little overturn after switching of it. I guess motor set brake could...  more
      • February 24, 2021
    • Soós Balázs
      Lénárd Pásztor ok, sorry, I was wrong. Bad news is that there wasn't exists a code block to reset the position. The good news is we just created one. You just need to restart the application then you will see the new block "smart motor position reset"
    • Soós Balázs
      Soós Balázs Wow, that was so fast, Thanks!!
      if a beta tester life is that beatiful, in user point of you a code would be very useful, which could rotate the smart motor with a direct input.
      I mean something like -/motor “x” set rotate/
      —> /“number”...  more
    • Soós Balázs
      Soós Balázs As I see in RacingBrick website, this is called
      TachoMotorSpeedDegrees/Position in the powered up app, where you could/have to define also the speed of the rotation too. In robotization it is great tool.
      • February 25, 2021
    • Soós Balázs
      Lénárd Pásztor Oh yes, this is something that can be very useful, so we created the block. You can find it "motor X set motor position Y and speed Z"
    • Soós Balázs
      Soós Balázs Great, Thanks!
      • February 26, 2021