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  • Mark Bollobas
    Mark Bollobas What can we say but Wow!

    We’re not the only ones blown away by Zack Macasaet and his incredible Abrams tank bridge layer, but his amazing MOC also caught the eye of Adam Savage from Mythbusters! Check out this great in-depth video of Zack and his...  more
    LEGO Abrams Tank that Deploys a Bridge!
    At this year's Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention, we meet Zack Macasaet, who brought his Abrams tank bridge layer to the show. We chat with Zack to learn how...
    • Tue at 12:01 PM
  • Lachlan Cameron
    Lachlan Cameron posted a new video:
    Lamborghini Murcielago
    Since November of last year I have gotten back into Lego. After many years away, I had received a new motorized 9398 4X4 crawler and fell in love with Lego again. There is something so simple and calming about sitting there trying out new designs, functi...
    • March 12, 2016